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Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association in South Lake Tahoe, California.


The Tahoe Keys is a 740-acre private marina community laced with eleven miles of inland waterways located at the southern tip of Lake Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe, California. Most of the 1529 members who own homes, townhouses or vacant lots have a private boat dock and are located on numerous lagoons, canals or the Tahoe Keys Marina with its boat launching ramps. Waterfront living provides direct access to Lake Tahoe and its many water sports.

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Tahoe Keys Amenities

Tahoe Keys is a private community for its owners and their guests.
Right to pass by permission, and subject to control, of owner. California Civil Code, Section 1008.
Use of the pools and tennis courts require a homeowner access card. Please visit the Pavilion for more information or call (530) 542-6444 ext. 221.

Tahoe Keys Integrated Weed Management Program

Latest News

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Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB)

The Water Quality Committee and the Water Quality (WQ) Staff have been proactive in the planning and preparation of our waterways since our 2017 Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB). This season, water quality sampling and monitoring has been ongoing since April. Unfortunately, the TKPOA is at the infancy stages of experiencing another algae bloom for this season in the West Channel, East Channel and Lake Tallac.  

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Cove Advisors Needed for Bavarian Isle and Aloha Isle

It is important that all TKPOA subdivisions are represented by a property owner living within their subdivision. Per the Advisor rules, any owner in good standing may volunteer to serve as the Advisor to their Subdivision or Cove. Otherwise the property owners may nominate themselves or another owner within that subdivision, confirmed by a vote of the Board of Directors.

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Weed Harvesting Update - July 2019

The first two weeks of the harvesting season are completed. Similar to last year, the season started off slow due to the water being deeper and colder, which has stunted the plant growth up to this point. Due to this, we suspended harvesting in June and focused on fragment control. We started harvesting after the July 4th holiday and are now in full operations.

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Current Positions Available - July 19th, 2019

Here are the TKPOA Positions currently open and at the end of the posting you find instructions on how to apply.

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Water Department Consumer Confidence Report for year 2018

Water Department Consumer Confidence Report for year 2018

We test the drinking water quality as required by State and Federal Regulations. This report shows the results of our monitoring for the period of January 1 - December 31, 2018. Type of water source(s) in use: Groundwater, Three wells pumping from aquifers, and Purchased water from South Tahoe Public Utility District

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Environmental Initiatives

TKPOA is actively participating in several local, basin-wide, environmental committees and task groups. We are working with TRPA (Tahoe Region Planning Agency) and TRCD (Tahoe Resource Conservation District) on the study and testing of control methods for aquatic invasive spieces. We are participating with The League to Save Lake Tahoe's "Eyes of the Lake" program and on marking storm drains. TKPOA is redoubling its efforts to reach out to our many neighboring communities and you can read more about some of our projects and initiatives below.

One of the attractions of our Tahoe Keys community is the security provided by our Security Department. In high-end residential communities like the Tahoe Keys, residents have extremely high expectations, especially in the area of safety and security. A critical challenge for the Security Department is to establish a responsible, authoritative security presence with a high degree of customer service for the homeowners.

The Security Department is responsible for patrolling the property and grounds of the Association, the residential neighborhoods, common boat docks, waterways, and other common facilities and amenities, for potential hazards, safety issues, security violations and parking violations. The personnel are responsible for investigating and reporting suspicious or dangerous circumstances or events that are called in or noticed on patrol. The Department is responsible for the enforcement of Association Rules & Regulations, CC&Rs and Bylaws.

The following kind of incidents should be reported to the security department: Property disturbance or violation, suspicious activity or vandalism, wild animals. Vacation home rental complaints should also be reported to the City of South Lake Tahoe , see link to procedure above. Speeding vehicles and vessels, acts of violence should be reported directly to the police.

You can reach the Security Department by:

(530) 542-6444 x233 Office
(530) 545-0847 Security Patrol / On Call Number
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours of operation:

Sunday - Wednesday 8 am - 12 am & on call 12am - 8am
Thursday - Saturday 24 hours

On Call response time 30- 45 minutes.

Security Department Operations

The Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) Security Officers perform many tasks to ensure Homeowners, guests and vacation renters safety as well as applying all the rules and regulations that govern living in the Tahoe Keys. The TKPOA Security department enforces many codes and regulations pertaining to the Tahoe Keys such as property use violations, parking violations, water conservation violations, noise complaints, short term rental nuisance complaints, boat sticker registration enforcement, recreational pass checks at all indoor and outdoor activity areas, including the indoor / outdoor pools, tennis courts, and the Pavilion Beach. The TKPOA Security Department currently has one full time and five part time staff members and is supervised by a part time supervisor. The Security department falls under the direct management of the TKPOA General Manager - Kirk Wooldridge. The TKPOA Security department has provided an overview of activities in the Keys Breeze each month with statistics on the number for patrols completed and calls received by areas in the Tahoe Keys.

The TKPOA Security department is directed to “observe and report” incidents or risks to the Association. In this capacity they act as a deterrent to crime by being a presence with visible patrols. Security patrols may be performed as a foot patrol, bike patrol, vehicle patrol in a distinctly marked vehicle, or marine patrol in a distinctly marked vessel. Patrol frequency is shown by the monthly statistics provided by the Breeze publication. Foot patrols mostly occur in the Coves, Lighthouse Shores, and the Pavilion Beach. Our goal is usually to complete two (2) vehicle patrols of the Tahoe Keys properties streets per shift, although as issues, investigations and assignments arise these patrols are adjusted. Boat patrols are for a presence on the West Channel Homeowner lagoons, and the East Channel/Cove for overall safety and enforcing the “no wake” and excessive noise requirements. In the East Channel/Cove Security inspects community docks as well for TKPOA current boat sticker compliance for home owners, guests and vacation renters. Security staff also patrols TKPOA beaches for use of glass, unleashed dogs, unlawful fires, unreasonable noise, or any other unlawful activity. All patrols are performed on a random schedule and are documented for reporting purposes. The TKPOA Security staff also monitors the surveillance camera systems installed at our common area amenities. These surveillance camera systems are helpful in determining traffic flow of members/ guests and vehicles and are used in investigation of reported incidents.

TKPOA Security is usually scheduled with 1-2 Officers on duty 7 days/week Monday through Sunday; on Friday and Saturday night shift Security typically has two Officers on duty. Incidents which occur outside of regular patrol hours are referred to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department or the South Lake Tahoe Short Term Rental Compliance officer.

The TKPOA Security department is also responsible for parking enforcement in the Tahoe Keys per the TKPOA CC & R’s (Covenants, Controls, & Restrictions), for Townhouse and Common Area Parking. TKPOA Security will also issue warning violations for parking on the streets under the City of South Lake Tahoe parking enforcement jurisdiction, and report these violations directly to the City.

On occasion all TKPOA Officers will assist South Lake Tahoe Police Department and the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department for incidents that occur in the Tahoe Keys. Security Officers also assist the Architectural Control Department (ACD) in carrying out work tasks or assisting with violations occurring in the Tahoe Keys. At times the TKPOA Security department is assigned specific inspection or enforcement of ACC rules. Every night when the indoor and outdoor pool closes, Security Officers assist in securing the building (area) and to help with all closing duties to further assist the Pool Staff on shift.

Our Security Officers on duty respond to any call they might receive during a shift. It is important to all of TKPOA Security Staff that they can assist with any situation that arises to the best of their abilities. We may be “an observe and report only” Security staff, but we have all the necessary tools and contacts to take care of most situations that presents itself promptly and professionally.

If there are situations beyond the scope of normal Security function we may call the South Lake Tahoe Police Department emergency or non-emergency 530-542-6100 dispatch. We also encourage TKPOA Homeowners to do the same when issues arise, when they cannot contact the TKPOA Security department on a timely basis.

The TKPOA Security department can also provide service to members through area information, directions, help, or assistance. They typically can arrive to a call, depending on the urgency, within 15 minutes anywhere in the Tahoe Keys.

The fastest way to reach Security is 530-545-0847, or the office 530-542-6444 extension 233. Security can also be reached during the TKPOA Pavilion Office hours of Monday-Sunday 8:00AM-4:30PM at 530-542-6444 extension 233. The Front Desk staff can also contact them via radio. For any additional information or questions please contact Kirk Wooldridge, General Manager at 530-542-6444 extension 224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Security Cameras

Security cameras have been in place at the indoor pool for two years. They have assisted Security in dealing effectively with issues at the indoor pool. The security camera system was recently expanded to provide additional coverage in the common areas: the Pavilion and nearby facilities (childrens play area, beach volleyball court, and tennis court), the Ala Wai tennis courts, and the Corporation Yard. The additional coverage will help identify the people responsible for ongoing issues that include unauthorized or inappropriate use of the tennis courts, Pavilion Beach, volleyball court, and Pavilion dumpsters.

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Board Meeting Minutes

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The TKPOA is participating in a number of public programs as well as funding and managing our own projects to protect the wildlife and water quality around Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

We are a boating community so obviously we care about the water quality in our channels and in Lake Tahoe. Click here to browse water and lake related articles.

Important information for Realtors and Title Companies

All realtors and property owners should be advised that it is against the Governing Laws of the Association to sell, or offer for sale, partial shares or other than whole conveyance of any property in Tahoe Keys.

Real Estate Escrow & Loan document package request.

We have partnered with CondoCerts to improve our service related to Real Estate transactions. CondoCerts is an Internet utility developed to simplify the process of delivering and obtaining community association data and documentation for a variety of users in any association real estate transaction. Learn how it works here.

Important information regarding Rentals

The Owners' Association DOES NOT RENT nor manage any long-term or short-term rentals within the Tahoe Keys. The Association also does not provide any services usually associated with vacation rentals such as housekeeping or private property maintenance.

Short-Term Vacation Renter Policy

Follow the rules and have a pleasant stay.


As a community we rely on each other to report suspicious and nuicanse activity in our neighborhood. The following kind of incidents should be reported to the security department: Property disturbance or violation, suspicious activity or vandalism, wild animals.

Security Cameras

The security camera system was recently expanded to provide additional coverage in the common areas: the Pavilion and nearby facilities (childrens play area, beach volleyball court, and tennis court), and the Corporation Yard. This will help identify people responsible for ongoing issues related to the tennis courts, Pavilion Beach, volleyball court, and Pavilion dumpsters.

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