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The Finance Committee is a standing committee established and maintained by the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee assists the Board in preparing the Association’s annual budgets and complying with the other financial obligations of the Board. The Committee consists of at least three members, one of which shall be the Treasurer of the Association.

In addition to the review of the annual budgets, the Finance Committee performs the following:

  • Review of the annual and interim financial statements
  • Review of the annual reserve studies
  • Review of capital expenditures
  • Review of the annual insurance quotes

Recommendations by the Finance Committee are made to the Board for approval.

You can find the necessary forms and instructions in the DOCUMENTS section or by clicking one of the shortcuts to the right. You will need to be logged in to access the documents

The Finance Committee meets every other Monday at 9:00 am. See the calendar for more details. Any property owner or its legal representative may appear before the committee.

TKPOA Finance Committee Meetings Protocol

The Financial Committee desires to make our meetings more efficient and ensure that every member, at the appropriate times in the meetings, has an equal opportunity to share their comments. To that end, we are publishing our meeting procedures which will result in more professional, organized meetings.

  1. Finance Committee meetings are the time at which the committee conducts its business.
  2. Speakers must be TKPOA members in good standing.
  3. Each speaker will be allowed to speak for a reasonable time, only on topic and only until repetition occurs.
  4. Each speaker will only be allowed to speak one time per project.
  5. Civility is required at all times.
  6. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. (Inappropriate behavior would include, but not be limited to: treating others disrespectfully or in any uncivilized manner, speaking without be given the floor, refusing to stay on topic or generally failing to adhere to meeting protocol)
  7. Anyone exhibiting abusive or objectionable behavior will be asked to leave. If the person refuses to comply, recess will be called by the chair and assistance for removal will be requested.
  8. The Committee will conduct deliberations after listening to all property owners. Audience participation during committee deliberation will not be permitted.
  9. Meeting agendas will be posted 7 days prior to the next scheduled Finance Committee meeting.

Finance Committee Calendar

Finance Committee Members

image Finance Committee

Jim Siegfried

Finance Chair
image Finance Committee

Bob Cliff

image Finance Committee

Bobbie Canepa

image Finance Committee

Harry Dotson

image Finance Committee

David Olivo