Tahoe Keys Marina (TKM) representatives (Owner Robert Krillic and General Manger Robert Spinnato) told a TKPOA representative at a meeting held on January 6, 2015 that they have applied for dredging permits and are awaiting approvals. Their intention is to proceed with the dredging upon receipt of the required permits, which include Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board, California State Lands Commission, California Fish and Wildlife, and US Army of Corps of Engineers

TKM provided TKPOA with their approach to the dredging operation and a preliminary cost estimate. The scope of the project involves dredging approximately 4,000 cubic yards of material to create a 25 foot wide channel over a 75 calendar days. The material will be dredged from the channel using a crane with clamshell located on a barge (similar to the one that was parked offshore last summer). The dredged material will be placed on another barge for dewatering. The dredged material will then be placed in a trailer located on a third barge for transport from the dredging site to the TKM boat lift where the trailer with the dredged material will be lifted from the barge to the pavement in the TKM parking lot. A truck will then tow the trailer a site on East Venice Drive near the entrance to the Tahoe Keys Beach and Harbor Association parking lot (this site is currently surrounded by an earth berm and is used for boat trailer storage). The trailer will then be dumped and earth-moving equipment will be used to spread and compact the dredged material (TKM does not appear to have a permit for permanent placement of the dredged material at this location). This cycle will be repeated an estimated 330 times during the 75-day duration of the project (approximately one load every two hours over a nine hour work day).

The preliminary cost estimate is $2.2 million. There are a number of cost elements missing from the estimate (e.g. California State Lands Commission fee for removing material from Lake Tahoe or the possibility that the dredged material may need to hauled out of the basin), which may substantially impact the final cost. TKPOA’s 25% portion of the cost would be approximately $550,000.

Tobi Tyler, Water Resources Control Engineer, handles dredging permits for the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (LRWQCB). Ms. Tyler was contacted on January 9 and confirmed that TKM submitted an application for a dredging permit on October 21, 2014. She stated that TKM has been notified that their permit application was incomplete and that LRWQCB is awaiting submittal of the missing information before it will take action on the permit. This information is consistent with the December 30, 2014 article in the Lake Tahoe News in which Lauri Kemper, LRWQCB Assistant Executive Officer, was quoted as saying “We do not have a complete application from the Tahoe Keys Marina for dredging.”

The timing for completion of TKM’s permits is unclear at this time. The California State Lands Commission did not act on the TKM permit during 2014 and, at the time of this writing, there are no scheduled commission meetings. Historically they have met monthly; however, materials for Commission consideration must be submitted 90 days before being heard.

TKPOA also met with representatives of the Tahoe Keys Beach and Harbor Association to discuss, among other things, the East Channel Dredging. They are equally concerned about whether or not the East Channel will be dredged this year and expressed an interest in working with TKPOA.

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