Dear TKPOA Homeowners,

As many of you are now aware that the Board of Directors had authorized the updating and/or replacement of the old outdated TKPOA website, we are now very happy to announce to all owners that after several months of development, re-design, new content generation and beta testing, we are changing over to the new website on March 1st.

The old site that you are used to accessing at either and/or will be shut down on tomorrow - Friday February 27th in the afternoon - and a new modern and fully updated website will take its place. The old URLs (web addresses) might not work for a few hours but will eventually lead you to the new site. We have also added two new domain names and, and if you use either of these addresses they will take you to the new website today and in the future. The Association now owns these four domain addresses, and you will be able to use any of these four to reach the new site in the future.

When you visit the new website you will notice many differences. Hopefully you will find it easy to navigate and visually more appealing. As before there are some areas that are restricted to members and staff only. To access these you will need to create a user account on the new site. Please note: your old user name or accounts will not be moved over to the new site; so you will have to register again. Just follow these instructions to get your account setup:

  1. Visit the website at:
  2. Click the "Login" button and then click "Create an account" in the pop-up window.
  3. Fill out your user information, with your full name and the address should be your Tahoe Keys street address.
  4. Passwords need to have at least 8 characters, and must contain at least one digit and one symbol [i.e. @#$%&]
  5. Once registered you will receive a return email with a verification link. Click this link.
  6. Your information will be reviewed and then an account will be opened. You will receive yet another email when your account has been activated.

We recommend that you use the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser to make sure that the security cameras and web cameras will display properly.

And, you might need to be patient waiting for the approval email, as that is not an automated process. We are verifying that you actually are a TKPOA member in good standing to be issued and for you to retain, your password.

Additional information about the new website and its new functionality will be published in the April issue of the Keys Breeze. You can also view this information on the website as well.

Here is a brief sampling of what you will now find on the new site:

  • News section in a typical “blog” format. Subscription to news update via email.
  • News Ticker on the front page that shows the five most recent notices.
  • Extended information about the association, staff, board and committees.
  • Amenities information with operating hours, maps and rules.
  • Event scheduling system. Check the calendar on the front page and with a glance see if something is going on. Go to the main calendar page to read about the events and load them into your own calendar.
  • Documents archive with documents categorized and stored in folders. Documents are also linked to from articles and other sections.
  • Forum or bulletin board – for discussion among members and direct connection to board and committees, this will be one official way to communicate with members.
  • Search – you do not need to browse around to find information. Use the search function and it will search all articles, documents, events and in the forum.

Thank You,

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