Robert Dalenberg

Please welcome our new Project Coodinator, Robert Dalenberg. Read a little about his background and what the Project Coordinator does. Robert has also promised to keep us updated, here on the website, regarding different projects in the works. So, in order not to miss out on the action, please subscribe to the newsletter below.


During my 16 years working in advanced technology systems with the US Navy and General Dynamics in southern and central California, Tahoe always called to me. In 1990 I accepted the call and Tahoe captured me and my wife, becoming full time residents. My new career in facility engineering services with multiple Stateline Nevada casinos quickly grew to include all aspects of resort operations, technologies, management, and regional engineering work order process and project coordination. My 25 years of experience with juggling resort operations, multimillion dollar budgets, multiple projects, operating my own business, owning a home and rental property in South Lake Tahoe, along with many enjoyable years of education, including a Bachelor’s of Science degree in management, help me continue to develop my skills in property operations.

Here at the TKPOA as Project Coordinator/Property Manager, my duty and pleasure is to help bring consistency and ensured quality to the association and community. Following the direction of the General Manager and Board, working with the property advisors, and all other stakeholders to coordinate, document, and ensure that the many ongoing and new projects continuously improve your Tahoe Keys experience.

What is The Project Coordinator?

A Project is more than a minor repair. For a minor repair please contact the Maintenance Manager Tom Callahan.
A Project is work that usually requires multiple people or groups working together over a longer time, often requiring permits. A project requires funding, going through an approval process and being added to the TKPOA project list. The TKPOA currently has 150 projects on this dynamic and growing list for 2014.

Under the direction of the General Manager and the Board, working with the cove advisors, and the assigned priorities, the Project Coordinator/Property Manager position is here to oversee these projects. The PC/PM must also take long range planning into account, looking for savings and efficiencies that can be found among projects. The PC/PM makes sure there is funding available, and determines the scope and specifications of the project. Then must request and analyze proposals and bids from contractors. After preparing and presenting the info to the board for approval, contracts are generated with work and payment schedules. The PC/PM makes sure everything is documented and done correctly; supervising, tracking who does what and when, communicating, and ensuring that projects run as smoothly as possible, and once complete, verifying the project meets quality standards, and is tracked into the future.

Searching for historical images, documents, and plans

Continuously improving the quality and usefulness of our documentation is very important to the TKPOA staff and our community. Current and future work, projects, and information are increasingly stored and processed digitally, improving our ability to retrieve and reuse the information. However, as we go forward with improving the community, knowing our past becomes increasingly important.

We are beginning the first phase of putting together a historical record database of the Tahoe Keys. An important part of this is to collect copies of old photos, videos, drawings, documents, and plans. Although we are collecting information from our files, online, and from government agencies, much of the important history of the Tahoe Keys is simply not available from those sources. To try to locate this hidden treasure, we are asking our members to send us copies of any historical images and documents you are willing to share with the association.

If you have an image or document already on your computer or scanned in, please e-mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have something you feel may benefit the community, but is not on your computer, please bring them to the Pavilion front desk Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 4PM and I will scan them in.

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