It seems that the Tahoe Keys Marina is refusing to honor the terms of the Settlement Agreement regarding the launching of TKPOA member boats for free as has been the past procedure. So, they will launch your boat if you pay $90...

As yet there has been no dredging of the East Channel by the Marina, and eventhough they claim they have the permits needed and willl begin "next" week, there is no evidence of the prep work needed to begin. In any event some owners off the hill need to take their boats out of storage - or simply want their boat in their slips. So, if you are one of them and need to launch, you should contact the Marina and ask if they are launching that day and if you decide to do so, and pay the $90, please document the conversation and keep the receipts, and advise our GM Kirk of your situation.

As you know TKPOA and the Marina are at odds over the dredging proceedures, costs, timing and terms of our participation. So, they are being difficult and trying to either prove a point, or attempt to presure TKPOA to capitulate to their view of how things should be, even though their performance is spelled out in the terms of the Settlement Agreement.

If you encounter a problem with the Marina, or its personnel, please provide your documentation to our GM Kirk.

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