Notice of Change to Association Architectural Control Rules
In accordance with Davis Stirling Civil Code §4360.

The changes to the Architectural Control Rules Brochure (ACRB) were adopted by the TKPOA Board of Directors on May 1, 2015 and became effective on that date.

Board Motion as follows:
Agenda Item 15-271

Discussion and Potential Approval of Architectural Control Brochure (ACB) 2015:

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) reviewed member comments and provided a recommendation. Sections 13.22, 15.04, and 15.11, will be further reviewed by the ACC before moving forward with approval of those items at this time. The Board changed Presidential Quality 30 year guarantee requirement for roofs to a 50 year guarantee requirement. Added clarification to section 7.05 to change ‘untreated’ to ‘unprotected’ for wood on fences. Sentence to read: Unprotected wood is not allowed on fences.

Disney moved to accept the 2015 Architectural Control Brochure (ACB) with changes omitting sections 13.22, 15.04 and 15.11. Larson seconded. [6-0-0] APPROVED

Purpose and Effect of the changes

To clarify language and bring rules current with Davis Stirling Act.

The approved Architectural Control Rules Brochure (ACRB) was previously mailed to all members, and also is available at the TKPOA office, and available on the TKPOA website here:

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