To All Members,

Our Association’s annual election of directors is coming up very soon. Official notice of the Annual Meeting will be sent out shortly but, in the meantime, we’re looking for candidates to serve on the board and to lead our Association into the future.

How Can You Become a Candidate?

As you know, we elect our directors by mailed ballots using a double envelope system to preserve the privacy of each member’s vote. All candidates who let us know they’re interested in serving on the board and who are qualified under the terms of the Association’s bylaws and our Voting and Election Rules will have their names included on the ballot.

The “Statement of Candidacy” (see link above) lets the Association know if you are interested in serving. Statements received from qualified candidates no later than 5:00 p.m. on July 16, 2015 will be published in the voting materials that go out with the ballots.

We hope you will consider getting involved in the Association by running for the board. If you have any questions about becoming a candidate or about the election process, you can find more information in the Association’s bylaws and in the Voting and Election Rules.

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