Hydro Acoustic Mapping June 13, 2016

Good day to everybody within the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA). I just wanted to give the Association an update as to where we are for the Weed Harvesting Program. I have a few pieces of information to pass along about current and upcoming projects within our waterways and one thing that I would like to address.

We have started our new harvesting and pickup schedule this week. Our team has been executing this schedule that has provided service throughout our community. As a reminder:

  • The schedule is created based on the data that we collect through Hydro-Acoustic Mapping. We are dispatching the harvesters to the lagoons and waterways that are infected the most. To defeat our AIS problem we need to focus on the overall lagoon / waterway rather than the individual dock / waterfront.
  • On your assigned day for harvesting, we ask that (if possible) you move your watercraft from your dock so that harvesters can do a thorough job around your property. There will not be make-up days or call in for your specific dock or waterfront.

We completed our second phase of our RWT Dye Study this week in the West Channel. The buoys will be removed over the next week.

The Boat Backup Station in the West Channel will be reconfigured over the next two weeks. It will be set up with a more distinguished channel via color coded buoys. Once this is completed we will let you know. Along with this we have created pamphlets with information and instructions on them which can be found in the main office and I have them with me when I am on the water.

June 28-30 we will be conducting a Macrophyte Survey throughout our waterways. We will be collecting samples of all of the plants that are in our waters. This survey will not have an effect on any of the boat traffic in the lagoons.

I asked for this in last week’s letter. We have received one volunteer (which we very much appreciate) so I am attaching it again. We are trying to better service the harvesting operations within our waterways. Throughout the day our harvesting crews need to take breaks (scheduled or lunch). Our Standard Operating Procedure is to stop and take these on TKPOA Ramps which are few and far between. I would like to better facilitate the whole operation by asking you, as homeowner, for permission for these crews to be allowed to moor up on your dock or waterfront to take their breaks (whether scheduled or lunch). If you are interested in doing this for our crews please email me authorizing your permission for them to do so.

The weed pile pickup from individual docks falls under the same premise of the trash pickup days within our community. These dates are set and the schedule is attached below. The boat crews will only be servicing those homes that are on the schedule for that day. On your pickup day we ask the following:

  • The weed piles need to be on the docks in an area which are accessible for the boat crews to pick up. Weed pile on the shoreline will not be picked up.
  • Please do not put a pile of mud and rocks with a few plants intertwined amongst them on the docks. This is unnecessary weight that our crews need to lift and weight that goes onto the boat.
  • To prevent staining of your dock when your pile will be sitting until your scheduled pickup, put your weed pile on a trash bag (or something similar). On your scheduled day we will remove the weed pile and trash bag.

There is an issue that I would like to address with the Homeowner Association. First off, this excerpt is taken from the Homeowners Information Packet: Owners, Renters and Vacation Renter Policy, Rules and Regulations.

Tahoe Keys has adopted a Policy for enforcement of following our Rules and Regulations; among other things, the following conduct is prohibited:
i) Harassment of residents or TKPOA staff or other conduct that is an unreasonable annoyance to the neighborhood;
In the event TKPOA determines that a potential violation if this Policy has occurred, the owner and if applicable the tenant will receive a notice of hearing as provided in the TKPOA governing documents – and as more specifically described in ADDENDUM 1 – PROCEDURES FOR DEALING WITH NUISANCE COMLAINTS, which by this reference is incorporated herein


I have highlighted Rule #7 sub paragraph i. The reason that I have done this is because we have had multiple issues with homeowners/tenants towards the harvesters / boat crews over the last two weeks. The harvesters and boat crews do not make the harvesting and pick up schedules that they execute on a daily basis. They have a distinct chain of command within the TKPOA from which they receive their assignments. Please do not harass them, give them orders, stop them from their assigned duties to complain to them about something that you do not agree with, etc. If there is an issue with what we are doing or there is misconduct from our harvesting / boat crews, please bring it to me.

Our plan and schedule has only been in effect for four days. I am asking you to be patient with the change that we are doing to fight our weed infestation. I know that change is hard to accept and everyone wants results right now. We are trying to deal with this issue from a multitude of different angles, all of which take time. For the big picture, our plan is working right now. If it veers of course in the wrong direction or faults are identified we will adjust and reconfigure a new one.

As always, all of the harvesting and maintenance tasks will take place during our summer season (June – October), Monday through Friday from approximately 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Our weed harvesting program for the Tahoe Keys is not an easy job, but myself and the harvesting crews are dedicated to ensuring that all our waterways remain accessible and enjoyable for our homeowners and visitors.

If you have any questions about the harvesting schedule, contact the main office for information by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: (530) 542-6444. If they cannot answer your questions you will be referred to myself – Greg Hoover, AIS Management Coordinator / Water Quality Supervisor.

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