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The updated harvesting schedule is posted below. We will be harvesting in Lake Tallac for the next two weeks. We will be utilizing the ramp on Dover Street for loading and unloading. The harvester and skimmer boat will be moored up in the vicinity of the Tahoe Keys Treatment Facility at the completion of the day and for the weekend.

July 21 - Aug 5

We are conducting the next phase of the RWT Dye Study within the lagoon at the corner of Venice and Alpine along with the lagoon at Islanders III. The picture below shows the installation at Venice and Alpine. The area is designated with caution tape and signs. Please do not cross or disturb the floating barrier or the water in this area. Please report to Security if you notice someone attempting to move the buoys or barriers.

1-5 Aug

We will be conducting a new skimmer boat evaluation in the west channel and several of the lagoons. On Tuesday (2 Aug,) we will be operating in the West Channel, Christie Ramp and Skipper Cove. On Friday (5 Aug), will be operating in the West Channel, Christie Ramp, Anchor Cove and Port Cove. If needed, we may potentially operate out of these areas. There will a lot of boat traffic in these areas on their specified days.

We had a corrupt file for this week’s Hydro-Acoustic Mapping. I will be rescanning next week and post the results in our weekly letter.

I want to give a reminder about the weed pile pickup service that we have. This service is for aquatic weeds only, not lawn clipping, lawn weeds, branches, bushes, trash, etc. For those homeowners that have these piles on your docks we will not pick these up during your scheduled days. We also had an incident where a lawn crew started to throw their yard trash onto the skimmer boat and harvester working in that area.

A reminder to all, it is against TKPOA policy to tow (inflatables, kayaks, paddleboards, etc) inside our waterways. Due to the potential for Carbon Monoxide poisoning, it is a safety hazard to tow personnel from the aft of the boat on a floatation device.

All of the harvesting and maintenance tasks will take place during our summer season (June – September), Monday through Friday from approximately 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Our weed harvesting program for the Tahoe Keys is not an easy job, but harvesting crews and I are dedicated to ensuring that all of our waterways remain accessible and enjoyable for our homeowners and visitors.

If you have any questions about the harvesting schedule, contact the main office for information by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: (530) 542-6444. If they cannot answer your questions you will be referred to myself – Greg Hoover, AIS Management Coordinator / Water Quality Supervisor.

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