I just wanted to give the Association an update as to where we are for the Weed Harvesting Program. I have a few pieces of information to pass along about current and upcoming projects within our waterways.

New this week

For a link to updated harvesting schedule see above. We will be harvesting in East Channel for the next two week starting with Cove 3.

Our weed season is in full bloom right now and most of the plants, on average, are growing between two and four inches a day. We understand the difficulties of what is going on in the waterways and our focus continues to be keeping the main channels navigable and containing fragments. For the next few weekends we will have a skimmer boat in service around the main lagoon. The purpose of this boat is not dock /slip service or week pile pickup but to get the floating fragments in the main channels.

I would like to thank all of the homeowners that are now helping us with fragment control by skimming in and around the docks / shoreline. The piles that you are creating are very much appreciated. The amount of homeowner involvement has tripled since the beginning of the season.

As requested by many of our homeowners, we will also conduct weed pile pickup in conjunction with harvesting days for your specified zones (see schedule below). Your piles need to be placed on your dock or designated area by 3:00P.M. so our crews can pick them up.

We are in the process of identifying and marking all of the hazards (pipes, rocks, etc.) that are in our waterways and shorelines. We will be marking these hazards with orange football size buoys. If there is a known hazard in your area that we do not mark, please let the front desk or I know so we can address the issue.

We are also working on identifying all of the storm drains and street / property runoffs that flow into our waterways. Once this is completed we will be contacting the homeowners in the vicinity of these, to ask for volunteer monitors for the Pipe Keepers Program that is sponsored by the League to Save Lake Tahoe. We will explain this more in depth in the future as well as provide the required training. In the interim, you can obtain information on the program at

All of the harvesting and maintenance tasks will take place during our summer season (June – September), Monday through Friday from approximately 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Our weed harvesting program for the Tahoe Keys is not an easy job, but the harvesting crews and I are dedicated to ensuring that all of our waterways remain accessible and enjoyable for our homeowners and visitors.

If you have any questions about the harvesting schedule, contact the main office for information at (530) 542-6444.

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