I just wanted to give the Association an update as to where we are for the Weed Harvesting Program. I have a few pieces of information to pass along about current and upcoming projects within our waterways.

New this week

A link to the updated harvesting schedule for the remainder of the season is posted above. The harvesting season is coming to an end. Our tentative timeframe to cease operations is the first week of October.

The plant growth in our waterways has substantially declined due to our recent cold air temperature and drop in the water temperature. Due to this, we are now shifting our focus from the navigational lanes to shoreline, docks and slips for the remainder of the harvesting season.

Bottom Barriers- Just a reminder that all Bottom Barriers need to be removed by October 15th and the End of Season Report is due to Architectural Control Department Office by November 1st. If your barriers are being removed after your scheduled harvesting date, contact me to set up a date / time for your area to be serviced.

Final Pile Pick Up will be on the following dates:
27 September- Zones 35
6 October- Zones 1-14, 16
7 October- Zones 15, 17-33
All piles need to be placed on dock or shoreline no later than 1200 on the specified dates.

We are also working on identifying all of the storm drains and street / property runoffs that flow into our waterways. Throughout the Lake Tahoe Basin there are 170 pipes / storm that flow directly into the lake. Currently, in our lagoons alone we have identified over 100 pipes that flow directly into our waterways and we are only less than half way through our survey. Once this is completed we will be contacting the homeowners in the vicinity of these, to ask for volunteer monitors for the Pipe Keepers Program that is sponsored by the League to Save Lake Tahoe. We will explain this more in depth in the future as well as provide the required training. In the interim, you can obtain information on the program at

All of the harvesting and maintenance tasks will continue through September, Monday through Friday from approximately 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Our weed harvesting program for the Tahoe Keys is not an easy job, but the harvesting crews and I are dedicated to ensuring that all of our waterways remain accessible and enjoyable for our homeowners and visitors.

If you have any questions about the harvesting schedule, contact the main office for information at (530) 542-6444.

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