Indoor Pool and Outdoor Spas – Opening on Monday October 10th, 2016

The Indoor Pool and Outdoor Spas will on open on Monday October 10th, 2016 at 6:00AM. The Outdoor Pool will be closing for the season on Sunday October 9th, 2016 at 7:00 PM wind and weather permitting. On behalf of the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association (TKPOA) Board of Directors and TKPOA Staff I would like to thank the TKPOA Property Owners for their patience and understanding during this closure. This closure lasted far longer than expected due some of the unknown conditions we have found through the construction process as well as some setbacks caused by product availability and the Contractors involved.

The good news is the Indoor Pool will be opening with fully renovated Men’s and Women’s restrooms, which includes some ADA enhancements. The restroom renovation required current ADA code requirements to be addressed. A fully renovated building entrance with an exterior entryway roof, with a paver entrance and ADA ramp accessibility. The Board subcommittee task force also authorized all new exterior siding and trim, which when shingles were removed the drywall fire stop and plywood sub siding were water damaged and dry rot and termites were discovered and corrected.

The check-in desk area has been replaced and enlarged with a new gated entry. The swimming pool deck and bathroom floor have all been resurfaced with Westcoat Dubro sandstone epoxy coating that is slip resistant that rated for improved durability and longevity. This flooring surface also allows for improved cleaning and long term maintenance. The pool coping around the pool has also been cleaned, resurfaced and coated with toffee colored Miracote, sealed for a refreshed look. The indoor pool will also have a new and improved audio system that will offer the ability to play Cd’s for Water fitness classes, background music, a microphone to make announcements and additional speakers for improved sound. Also on the pool deck you will find an additional shower area that is available for swimmers to rise off outside of the restrooms.

Once the Indoor Pool opens we will have some temporary closures to finish some of the work that has yet to be completed.

The first item, would be the Indoor Pool Heating and Air Handling System (HVAC) with Dehumidification, has not been completed due to the long lead time for development and assembly of the custom dehumidification unit. Currently we are looking for an installation date around October 20th, 2016. At the June 16th, 2016 Executive Session the Board of Directors approved the Reserve Expenditure Request (RER) and contract for the replacement of the Indoor Pool Heating and Air Handling System with Dehumidification for $223,651 with MCA Construction, based on the analysis performed by MCA Mechanical Engineering on the indoor pool air handling system. Their analysis recommended the proposed heating and air handling system with dehumidification, which will greatly improve the conditions in the indoor pool and prevent against long range water damage through improved ventilation. The total system will generate an energy and water savings through replacing a system that is over 40 years old with a system that improved efficiency is designed for this space.

The second item would be the Indoor Pool Replacement of Pool Pumps, Heaters and Filtration System project. The TKPOA Staff was working toward having this project occur during the pool closure the past year. Unfortunately, the timing of the project with design, planning and bidding for this project was not a reality with a busier than normal construction season for most pool contractors and the limited amount of contractors that would work in the Tahoe Basin or even at the TKPOA. The TKPOA Staff was unable to prepare a valid job scope for the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to solicit experienced contractors to bid during the summer months. The TKPOA Staff is still pursuing this project and will work toward completing it during the 2017 fiscal year, which will include some closure days for this project to be completed. An RER for this project will be developed for Board of Directors approval and funding.

Throughout this project the TKPOA Board of Directors, the TKPOA – Board Subcommittee Task Force for Long Range Planning, and TKPOA Staff have had to focus on the “required” work that needed be repaired, replaced or performed to allow the Indoor Pool to re-open and meet current building and safety codes. The TKPOA Staff and the TKPOA – Board Subcommittee Task Force for Long Range Planning, where authorized by the TKPOA Board of Directors to negotiate directly with John Dalton Construction for the completion the Indoor Pool renovations and repairs to reopen as soon as possible.

The estimated of the total cost for all of this work is approaching over $950,000 due to the “required” work and the addition of the dehumidification system. Some of these costs had been planned for this summer based on the Common Reserve list of replacement projects schedule for the Indoor Pool due to the age and performance of the building components. Unfortunately through this project many of the required items have been addressed sooner that the Common Reserve study had them scheduled, or to a greater extent and cost than planned for. Unfortunately this project illustrates the cost and time it takes for renovating a building that has not been consistently maintained for many years. The closure of the indoor pool on January 26th, 2016 was just the beginning to the discovery of the numerous issues that had to be addressed.

On Monday October 10th, 2016 the Indoor Pool and Outdoor Spas will open and will continue to be open from 6:00AM-10:00 PM. To receive information on Indoor and Outdoor Pools please contact the TKPOA office at (530) 542-6444. Updates on the status of the Indoor Pool for future closures will be posted on the website:

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