We have had recent complaints about a taste and odor coming from our drinking water in the Tahoe Keys. I would like to start by assuring all of the home owners that our drinking Water is safe to drink and within all California madated drinking water requirements. The taste and odor was caused by the chlorine that is used to disinfect the water produced from Well #2. These chlorine levels, while within acceptable levels, have been above normal over the past two months. They have been returned to normal levels since the beginning of November.

The Water Company staff has responded to the complaints, tested the water at over ten locations around the Tahoe Keys for both taste and chlorine concentration. They will continue to monitor these parameters frequently to ensure the problem has been fully resolved.

As you all may know we got a positive test for a coliform bacterial sample in June this year. The source re-sampled and investigated, it was determined that it was a training issue of a new employee and was not harmful in any way to the Tahoe Keys members. This result was published in the Keys Breeze. It had nothing to do with the current taste and odor complaints.

I hope this has been helpful, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call Justin Phillips, Interim Water Company Supervisor, at (530) 542-6451 if you experience any taste or odor problems.

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