The water level in Lake Tallac is at a point of concern. We are contacting Lahontan to let them know that we will be opening the dam to let out at least 3 ft of water.

The water is approximately 1 foot below the crest of the dam (top of dam is el 6230). Based on the Wunderground forecast we should get about 2 inches of rain between now and 9 pm tonight. The runoff area is 800 acres and the lake area is 20 acres which means that over the next 24 or so hours Lake Tallac could rise approximately 3 feet.

The water is unable to go through Pope Marsh as it normally does. This is something that we need to deal with.

We have had Justin Phillips working today and have called in our general manager and maintenance manager to make this happen. I will update you with any pertinent information.

Thank you.
Bonnie Halleran

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