Notice of Emergency Rule for Ice Safety for TKPOA Rules and Regulations

At the March 18th 2017 Regular Open Meeting the TKPOA Board of Directors approved the following Emergency Rule to go into effect immediately for Ice Safety throughout the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association, Tahoe Keys Lagoons, and Lake Tallac for 120 days.

Per Davis Stirling California Civil Code §4360(d) the Board of Directors has determined that an immediate rule change is required to address threat to public safety, and no 30-day noticed waiting period is required.

The Board of Director has also approved a 30 day membership review period of this rule simultaneously while it is in effect. Changes will be considered for adoption at the May 20th, 2017 Board of Directors Regular Open Meeting. If you would like to provide any feedback to the Board prior to approval, please email your comments to Heather Houston, Administrative Assistant at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or submit them in person at the TKPOA Pavilion Office.

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(Deletions are shown in strikethrough type and additions in boldface underlined type)

Purpose and Effect of Proposed Rule Change

To impose and enforce Ice Safety Rules for TKPOAMembers and their Guests.

Ice Safety Rules

  1. For your safety, do not attempt to walk or run onto, play on, skate, sled or ski on or allow your pets to be on the lagoons, lakes and waterways when frozen.
  2. Do not throw rocks, trash or other items onto or into the TKPOA lagoons and waterways.
  3. Don't play on the ice along the shore, even if the ice appears solid.
  4. Parents and caregivers should not leave children unattended near lake and lagoon ice.
  5. If

    an indiual should

    see someone else falling through the ice, do not attempt to make a rescue by yourself by going out onto the ice. Try to throw a life ring, flotation device or rope for the victim to hold on to. Call 911 as quickly as possible. Be sure to give the exact location and an account of the incident.
  6. Association Management, Employees, and TKPOASecurity Department are responsible for ensuring these Rules are complied with and enforced.
  7. The TKPOA reserves the right to post "Ice Safety" signs in designated areas advising of the potential danger, and a disclaimer of association liability or responsibility for persons not observing these rules.


These rules shall be enforced as provided in Article XII, Section 6 of the CC&Rs. The TKPOA Board of Directors urges all Members, their families, their guests, and their renters to comply with these rules

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