Dear Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association member,

Since our letter last week notifying you of the algae bloom detected in the west channel on August 15, 2017, both TKPOA and the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board (LRWQCB) have conducted testing and have begun a plan of action to address the issue.

Both TKPOA and LRWQCB’s testing returned similar results, showing low-levels of toxins that warrant precautionary measures by TKPOA, Tahoe Keys property owners, residents and visitors.

LRWQCB has advised the same cautions now signed around the Tahoe Keys, with more protection for domestic pets – which should be kept out of the water until further notice. The levels of Anatoxin-A produced by the cyanobacteria can be dangerous for pets that swim in, drink the water or eat the algae in the Tahoe Keys west lagoon. Please help spread the word among other Tahoe Keys pet owners.

TKPOA has set out on a monitoring plan working with LRWQCB and the State Water Resources Control Board, US EPA and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency to develop next steps. This does not effect Tahoe Keys tap water or drinking water.

Other key precautions remain in effect:

  • Avoid contact with algae or scum in the water
  • Keep children away from algae or scum
  • Fish caught in these waters should be cleaned with tap or bottled water, guts should be thrown away
  • Do not drink lagoon water or use for cooking
  • Do not eat shellfish from the lagoons

As mentioned in the previous letter from TKPOA, the cause of the bloom has not been determined – but the most likely scenario is a combination of increased nutrients introduced into Lake Tahoe and the Keys by high runoff levels from the region’s record-breaking winter along with increased water temperatures. While TKPOA landscaping is not thought to be responsible for the bloom, all property owners can help reduce nutrients introduced into the lagoons by following TKPOA’s Lake and Lagoon Friendly Landscaping guide and installing BMPs, learn more here:

Similar blooms are occurring around the state – you can help officials track the bloom by downloading the Bloom Watch App:

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