Now that winter has arrived and the Tahoe Keys lagoons and waterways are covered with ice and snow, it is important to think about ice safety. TKPOA Security and South Lake Tahoe Fire and Rescue recommend you never venture out on our frozen lagoons and waterways, as they are extremely unsafe. Please keep in mind:

Never allow children or pets to venture onto the ice. In the event they fall through the ice, there is a high probability of injury or death. TKPOA rules pertaining to pets and City of South Lake Tahoe Animal Control Codes do not allow an unleased pet to run or play on the ice.

Recognize that ice will never be completely safe. Conditions, and unseen or unknown factors, can render seemingly safe ice suddenly dangerous. Take all care and precautions to avoid mishaps and make sure you have a rescue plan in place, i.e.; throw able floatation device with an attached rope, for those who live on the water. Having a safety plan in place, should you see an ice incident, can save lives.

Understand that ice strength is not the same everywhere, not even on the same body of water. It is difficult to judge the strength of ice based on appearance alone. Other factors including snow cover, currents, bubblers to prevent ice around boats, distribution of the load on the ice, schools of fish, and other factors affect the thickness and safety.

Find an alternative to playing on the lagoons. Skaters can go to Heavenly Village or the South Tahoe Ice Arena. There are many interesting trails in and near the Tahoe Keys for walking and snowshoeing. All people who venture out during winter should carry emergency supplies no matter how long they plan to be out or where they plan to go. Always make sure that someone knows where you are going and when you are expected to return.

If you own a residence that is utilized as a Vacation Rental. Please inform your renters that the ice within our community is unsafe. Renters and their families should refrain from walking on it for their own safety.

Above all, avoid alcoholic beverages when you are outdoors. Alcohol increases your chances for hypothermia and increases the likelihood that you’ll make a mistake that will cost you, your family, or a friend their life.

While the TKPOA currently does not currently have specific rules prohibiting walking or playing on the ice, ice skating or playing on the ice, could still be a trespassing issue or a violation of TKPOA nuisance rules. As an example, a recent incident occurred when several ice skaters walked upon a neighboring dock causing damage from their ice skates. Bottom line, the TKPOA cares about your safety, please stay off the ice.

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