Most of the 1500+ members who own homes, townhouses or vacant lots have a private boat dock that are conveniently located on numerous lagoons, canals or the Tahoe Keys Marina with its boat launching ramps. Homes have individual or multiple “gang” docks on their own property. Townhouses have separate and exclusive Cove docks with slips for each owner.


Waterfront living provides direct access to Lake Tahoe and its many water sports. Access to the Lake from the individual and cove docks is via either the East [Marina]channel or the West [Owners] channel which are maintained by the TKPOA Water Department. We have five weed-harvesters, machines that are deployed daily in our channels and dock areas harvesting and collecting the millfoil and other weed growth, and removing it from the water, helping to keep the channels clear. There are also crews in small boats skimming the surface for the floating weeds, as well as collecting weeds that individual homeowners might have raked up by their docks.

All boats docked at a Tahoe Keys Townhouse Subdivision Dock require a TKPOA sticker. Please see document below, visit the Pavilion for more information or call (530) 542-6444 ext. 221.